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The new way to buy and sell on mobile is here! Bakkle is evolving the way consumers exchange goods with one another. By utilizing the card-swipe functionality, we provide a rapid, seamless, and rewarding transfer of goods and services to the people. Bakkle's expanding presence continues to eliminate hassle and bring communities closer together.
To buy an item you see, swipe right and you will be linked up in a chat to the seller to coordinate the details of the transaction.
Simply upload an item to sell by taking a photo and filling out the item details. Users can interact with others who have swiped right and are interested in buying their item. Users have the ability to view the swipe analytics of other users who have viewed and swiped their item.
Swipe through the feed to find items you want! Users can also use the search feature as well as limit the range and filter the price of items that appear in their feed.
Get started by signing up through Facebook or email. You can also browse the items in your area as a guest.
We hope you enjoy the Bakkle experience!